Our Story

The Galway Wool Co-op

We are a farmer-owned and run co-operative supplying Galway Wool which is an Irish grown bio-fibre. Galway Wool is rare heritage wool grown with care and pride from our native Irish Breed of Sheep.

Our farmers, who are proud of their Irish heritage, know that healthy sheep are happy and productive animals. We work with care and compassion, to shepherd our flocks in tandem with nature.

All our wool comes from Pure Bred Galway Sheep that have a Registered Pedigree, ensuring our partners are producing and creating with authentic Native Irish Wool.

Sustainability and supply chain transparency are increasingly important factors for consumers.

We believe the consumer deserves the highest standard of integrity and traceability when it comes to their woolen products.

We founded The Galway Wool Co-op to restore the cultural integrity of Native Irish Wool and to provide the consumer with an unrivaled provenance in their woolen products.

From the clothes we wear to the rugs and carpets under our feet and the soft furnishings in our home, it is comforting to know where your wool comes from.

Whether you’re creating with our wool or own a treasured piece made from Galway Wool, we trust you will cherish it as much as we do.  Choosing Galway Wool as a natural fibre is not only an environmentally sustainable choice but socially and economically beneficial to rural Ireland as well.


  • Re-establish the Cultural Integrity of Irish Wool.
  • Restore a consistent route to market for Native Irish Galway Wool.
  • Provide Educational & Peer Support for Wool Growers who are new or existing owners of Galway Sheep.
  • Owned and operated for the benefit of members, the wider community, and the environment.

Benefits to the Environment

Using wool from the Galway, Ireland’s native sheep, will reduce the carbon emissions associated with imported wool and its transportation across the globe. The promotion of this native breed of sheep has the potential to increase farm biodiversity and the use of heritage breeds for conservation grazing.


Following research carried out at NUI Galway by Blatnaid Gallagher MSc and Matty Carrol MSc; members of The Galway Sheep Breeders Association were invited by Blatnaid Gallagher to become founders of The Galway Wool Co-op.

  • Martin Warde – Chairman
  • Margaret Hegerty – Treasurer
  • Blatnaid Gallagher – Secretary

Special Members – Dermot Connolly, Carmel Greene, Keiran & Bernie Shannon, Karl & Jerry Lynam, and John Hegerty.  The group was formed during a world health pandemic in January  2021. Meetings were held in very challenging times via Zoom.  The group did not meet in person until June 26th at Galway Wool Meitheal, 2021.

Meitheal (Gaelic word for a group helping another without favour)

Meitheal is an old Irish term that describes how neighbours
would come together to assist in the saving of crops or in other tasks.