Meitheal is an old Irish term that describes how neighbours
would come together to assist in the saving of crops or in other tasks.

Each year very Rare and Native Irish Galway wool is collected at the annual Harvest known as The Meitheal.

Its takes place in Athenry which is the small town in the west of Ireland where the farmers trade their Galway Sheep every year.

On the 3rd Saturday of July, the gates open, the cars with trailer loads of Galway Wool descend on the car park of the Livestock Mart. The wool is inspected and weighed, and each farmer is issued with a receipt for their rare Galway wool. This work is all done on a voluntary basis, working together to renew a direct route to market for native Irish Galway Wool.

Up to 5000kgs of Galway Wool in the grease are harvested on the day.

The wool producers are also members of the Galway Sheep breeders Association, ensuring buyers that each fleece is coming from a pure-bred registered Galway Sheep.

To mark the celebration of our annual Harvest members of the Co-op provide each other with refreshments and some sweet treats. Often being entertained by a fabulous group of local musicians and set dancers.

An ode to rural life in Ireland, a hand shearing and weaving demonstration symbolise the heritage of wool production in Ireland and its historical value to the fabric of rural communities the length and breadth of Ireland.

50 kgs is the minimum order available to purchase on the day and you will need to arrange to have your greasy wool collected from the mart.

Access to the Meitheal is strictly by invite only and it is not a public event. We are open to future consideration of this becoming a public event, especially, potential collaborations with local heritage and tourism groups.

Pre-Booking is the only way to secure greasy wool