Margaret & John Hegerty

Margaret and John look after their pedigree flock of Galway Sheep along with the help of their 4 children.

Margaret retired recently and now enjoys farming helped from time to time by her grandchildren who are keen to give her a hand caring for their large flock of Pedigree Galways.

Margaret and John live on their family farm less than 3 miles from Tuam, Co Galway. Almost 20 years ago they moved from Tipperary back to John’s ancestral home and enjoy running their suckler beef and sheep farm. They have 4 adult children, Sabina, Eoghan, Cóilín, and Éanna who when not helping out with their Suckler herd and Galway Sheep, also share a great interest in no-dig gardening.

Over 50 years ago, Galway Sheep had always been part of the flock on John’s grandparents’ farm when he was growing up.

He has fond memories of their docile nature and the much-treasured wool which his grandfather sold locally.