Karl Scanlon

Karl’s ‘Little Oaks Galway Sheep’ flock is based along the banks of the Grand Canal and 10 mins from the Leinster Aqueduct in Co.Kildare.

His Galway flock was established in 2020 with the purchase of 5 ewe lambs and a ram lamb at the Galway Sheep Breeders Association Annual Sale in Athenry.

Karl decided to get into Galway sheep as they are a native breed to Ireland worthy of conservation in order to prevent it following other Irish breeds of sheep – the Roscommon and Cladoir into near or technical state of extinction. They are an extremely docile and easily cared for breed of sheep. Their docility is hard to rival and it is not unusual for the ewes to approach you in the field for a scratch on the head. Their fleece however is unique in terms of quality and texture compared to our other breeds of sheep.

Karl says that he is delighted to be part of the Galway Wool Co-op and its mission in bringing Irish wool back to its former glory.

Their fleece was in older times a treasured commodity due to its wavy and fine texture and we look forward to seeing those days returned.