Carmel Greene

Carmel is passionate about Irish Wool and is an active member of an Irish Wool Discussion Forum.

She works on the frontline as a Public Servant and has almost 30 years of service to the state.

Living in her native Kilcock, Co Kildare. Carmel is married with two children who also share her love of farming. She considers her farm a smallholding, with her sheep, and ponies keeping her busy when not on duty. A keen gardener, when she is not potting or planting, she likes to find time to enjoy her art and crafts which includes wool spinning.

Carmel says ‘Galway sheep are a perfect fit on our smallholding, docile, and easily managed’.

Pictured here with Timmy her Jack Russel and Festy their Galway ram and some of Festy’s wool on the bobbin.